Pazmac’s Machine Tool Service and Repair Capabilities Are Delivered In-house and with DMG Mori Seiki

We are always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction. In fact, our dedication to quality deliverables is paramount to all that we do. What we’ve discovered, is we significantly improve on time delivery to our customers, with greater control over our operating uptime. 

At Pazmac, we’re in a business where even minor equipment issues can result in significant delays and quality problems. That’s why we have a dedicated, robust maintenance plan coupled with a blend of in-house machine tool service and repair capabilities along with the exceptional expertise provided by DMG Mori Seiki Canada.  

What are the two key benefits to our OEM customers? Maximizing machinery uptime and minimizing delivery delay risk. 

Through direct training and hands-on experience, our team has developed a complete understanding of Pazmac’s equipment. In addition, we can predict when maintenance will be required and schedule it in advance, reducing unexpected downtime and increasing the lifespan of our precision manufacturing equipment. 

Pazmac has chosen DMG Mori Seiki machines that deliver high precision, reliability and versatility to our precision parts manufacturing. These machines are designed with advanced technology features such as high-resolution encoders, thermal stability and rigid structures to ensure precise and repeatable results. Our people and equipment make Pazmac a perfect fit for manufacturing parts for a diverse mix of markets including semiconductor, aerospace and robotics – to name a few.  

We know that DMG Mori Seiki is a leader in machine tool technology and invests heavily in research and development. Their commitment to technology and quality aligns with Pazmac and is a win-win for our OEM customers who rely on us to consistently deliver precision parts on-time, every time.

Expect more from your parts manufacturer.

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