The Perfect Dumbbells for Active Training Facilities

We love to find solutions for problem parts which is why the fitness world approached us for a solution.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pazmac’s team saw an opportunity to work with Tower Fitness to create the perfect dumbbells. 

Spray disinfectants were starting to take a toll on gym equipment, especially anything metallic made from ferrous materials, like most dumbbells. The excessive use of these sprays was damaging the coatings and finishes on their surfaces and, in some cases, causing corrosion. How could the situation be improved? We suggested switching up the type of material used to manufacture the dumbbells.

Pazmac’s team concluded fairly quickly that a medical grade of stainless steel might be the best solution. After consulting with Tower Fitness about the shortcomings of many existing products, we set about designing dumbbells that are perfectly balanced, have accurate weight, use safe/comfortable ergonomics, look stunning and can be custom branded. We were also able to gain input from our  in-house personal trainer who works with our staff in Pamac’s gym. 

Working together, Pazmac and Tower Fitness have manufactured one of the most exclusive and unique dumbbells. Constructed with stainless steel, their antibacterial properties make them perfect for treatment facilities, commercial gyms, yoga studios and home gyms. 

Interested in learning more about these signature series dumbbells? Visit the Tower Fitness website, where you’ll see the finished product that is proudly precision manufactured in Canada.

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