Pazmac’s Manufacturing Facility is Purpose-Built to Optimize Productivity

Over 26 years ago, Steve Scarlett (our CEO) had a vision, he wanted to build a world-class manufacturing facility. It wasn’t enough to simply design a space to optimize speed of manufacturing, it needed to be a facility that supported the needs of Pazmac’s manufacturing team. 

Designed by renowned Vancouver architect, Christopher Bozyk, the Pazmac manufacturing facility leans into optimizing natural light, and ergonomic work spaces to make it functional, clean and comfortable for the Pazmac team to work efficiently. The building even includes a commercial grade training facility that can be used by all staff. 

“Pazmac is an employee-focused organization right down to the facility we work in,” says Tim Walls, President Pazmac. “Our primary consideration is staff safety. By providing a safe working environment, we know our team is more likely to work with confidence and focus which results in increased efficiency and productivity.”

Pazmac’s facility is filled with an abundance of natural light. Studies have shown that natural light can increase productivity up to 40% while improving physical health. “We wanted to make Pazmac a place where people were happy to come to work every day,” states Tim.  

Come take a look! Have you had a chance to tour Pazmac’s facility? We’d be happy to take you on a tour. Simply call us at 604-857-8838.

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