Pazmac Modifies an Existing DMG Mori Seiki NT4300SZ Mill-turn for the Manufacture of Semiconductor Components

The demand for semiconductor components continues to grow. To meet this unprecedented demand, Pazmac has incorporated the DMG Mori Seiki NT4300SZ as part of its precision parts manufacturing capabilities. 

This Mill-Turn work cell has been significantly modified with new fixtures, programs, metrology (inspection), and material handling (to name a few) to address consistent processing of precision parts. In turn, this has led to increased efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity.

Pazmac’s team is committed to manufacturing the highest quality precision parts.

By offering predictable and repeatable performance offered by the Mori Seiki NT4300SZ, customers can meet strict specifications and tolerance targets that are necessary within the subsea, semiconductor, medical, and aerospace industries. 

Although achieving tight tolerances may require additional time, effort, and precision equipment, it can lead to cost savings in the long run. By minimizing dimensional variations and ensuring proper fit and performance, Pamac ensures that your parts are delivered as designed and ready for use. 

Learn more about Pazmac’s use of their four DMG Mori Seiki NT4300SZ mill-turns by visiting Pazmac’s manufacturing facility. 

Expect more from your precision parts manufacturer. 

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