Industry 4.0 Real-time Machine Tool Monitoring is Crucial to Pazmac’s Precision Parts Manufacturing

Real-time machine tool monitoring allows the Pazmac team to more efficiently observe, detect and correct errors in the manufacturing process. The methodology provides immediate situational awareness of how our production is flowing. This means problems are addressed quickly and efficiently reducing the likelihood that your components may be delayed. 

What do we use at Pazmac to oversee real-time machine tool monitoring? 

  • Datamonix – this software uses automated production intelligence to collect and analyze data from our machine tools, sensors and other manufacturing equipment used at Pazmac. 
  • Global Shop ERP – this software offers production scheduling management, inventory control, purchasing, financial management, quality control process tracking, and customer relationship management. Pazmac’s team uses this ERP software to streamline our operations to improve efficiency in our precision parts manufacturing.
  • Relevant manufacturing data – captured in real-time allowing for the quicker identification and resolution of issues. This data also reduces downtime for our equipment while helping to optimize our machining processes.
  • Real-time awareness of the manufacturing floor –  Pazmac’s team can predict when maintenance will be required and schedule it in advance, reducing unexpected downtime and increasing the lifespan of our precision manufacturing equipment. 

We are committed to ongoing process improvement to ensure the highest levels of quality. Our application of Industry 4.0 real-time machine tool monitoring ensures we are always ahead of the curve in how we manufacture and deliver precision parts to OEMs.

Expect more from your parts manufacturer.

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