Since 1972, Pazmac has provided precision machining excellence for OEM customers from locations all over North America. Our precision machining and manufacturing consistently follows strict quality assurance procedures, which is why we continue to work with segment leaders in the markets we serve. We apply these standards to every project, whether its oil and gas, aerospace, subsea, forestry, medical or customer projects for many other industries. The Pazmac promise is simple: to deliver your orders on time, precision machined to your exact specifications, exceeding your quality expectations.

Quality. Integrity. Value. Not just words, but the foundation on which we operate and our solemn promise to you, the customer.

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In business for over four decades, Pazmac Enterprises Ltd. has built a proud legacy as a trusted machining company specializing in custom machining and custom manufacturing work. Located just outside Vancouver in Langley, BC, Pazmac operates from a custom built, climate controlled facility where we deliver precision machining solutions for customers from a broad range of sectors.



Every project that comes through the Pazmac machine shop undergoes a detailed planning and production process. From the delivery of our estimate, to delivery of the finished product, you'll know exactly what to expect. All work, from estimate to product delivery is performed on location at our machining shop in Langley, BC.



Pazmac believes quality is an expectation. Using the Total Quality model, we ensure every customer expectation is met. Our Quality Objectives are maintained through comprehensive, continuous improvement activities by our fully trained staff. Pazmac's Quality Management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard.